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Stargate ficlet

Been catching up with the latest season of Stargate SG-1, and loving the character of Vala (to such an extent that I'm almost hoping Sam doesn't come back). So here's a little ficlet she's inspired (and the first thing I've written in ages - obviously I need better Muse bait).

They don’t let her out of the mountain anymore.

Quite apart from the possible side effects to Daniel, for some strange bizarre reason, they don’t seem to trust her on her own. Even Cameron Mitchell, who’s her closest ally there (or at least most easily amused by her) had refused point blank last time she asked.

“Vala! No means no! Last time you were away from the base, you implied the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee was seriously lacking in the trouser department,” he’d sworn, going a particular shade she hadn’t quite seen before. Something in Earth’s atmosphere perhaps. “You think we’re letting you out on a shopping trip?”

“Well,” she purred, “Unless you want to show me how to use this ‘creditcard’ of Daniel’s?”

She’d thought that was a fair compromise. After all, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Birds flew, bees buzzed, things fell into her pockets. Law of nature really.

Cameron to an extent, and particularly Daniel, seemed to believe it was their role in life to take all the fun out of hers. No matter. Even as Cameron strolled off with Daniel’s ‘creditcard’, she still had other fish to fry.

Idly, she wondered how long it would be before Cameron checked his own wallet.

And while I'm at it, may I recommend janedavitt's Daniel and Vala fic Consider the Ostrich and this little beauty "Never Know" Jack/Vala/Daniel (NC-17).
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