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Batman 644 retcon

Remember that lovely mess that DC named War Games, and crossed over all the Batman books for a loooong three months? The story arc that shoved poor Steph into the Robin costume for no good reason, then fired her and killed her off at the end of it all?

Well, the War Crimes arc has just concluded in Batman 644 this week, and after bringing up several strong doubts that the wounds Steph received at the end of War Games shouldn't have killed her, it was revealed who her killer was : Dr Leslie Thompkins.


The same woman who helped the devastated young Bruce Wayne. The same woman who took the oath to save and preserve life as all doctors. The woman who's been running a free clinic in Gotham, helping the poor and disadvantaged, for years. And now Willingham has made her a murderer, a woman who deliberately witheld medical assistance just to try to persuade others from putting on masks and capes. Another character ruined by Willingham for no other reason than shock value.

*head-desk* How the hell did that get through at DC?

Anyhow, if this has also left a nasty taste in your mouth, may I recommend this LiveJournal entry? Much, much better and doesn't kill a character's character for no reason.
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