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I'm a verb!

I checked out sheilynn's excellent The Idiosyncrasies of Predators story at, and left a review praising it. So I looked at the other reviews while I was there, and found this :

Oh my. That was truly funny. Thank you very much for the bonus chapter 2!
I like the change of tone in this story (well, the 2 epilogues and this chapter) as compared to your "When it's time to change" HP crossover. I'm referring to the "flippant" (as you put it) tone and kooky humour here - since you don't get that in your other story. There's gentle humour there, certainly, primarily in the Snape-Buffy interactions, but that one is definitely more of a "serious" story.
A pleasant surprise, then, to see that you can write crazy-funny as well. Part 2 is almost Booster-esque, and I mean it as a compliment.
It's truly a pity you don't have the time to write more. Your "When it's time to change" story is one of my favourites.

I'm a verb! I'm a verb!

Rolling about on the floor laughing his ass off.

(And those of you who've read Let's Go Round Again will probably define it as being evil in some way.)

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