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The All Drinking All Chipped All Spike post

So, anyone remember that bleached blonde vampire from Buffy? The chipped one? Yes, Spike. Him. Just a few bits and pieces of news regarding him.

Rumors have been swirling about a Spike project. I know you had said you feel like there's a time limit on doing something like that. Do you still feel the same way?
James Marsters: Yeah, I do. It's weird. I just got off the phone with someone who talked to Joss [Whedon] yesterday, who claimed that it was very much on the front burner. Joss has never told me anything like that. He's checked with me twice, to see if I was interested. I said yes twice, and both times he's been very clear that this doesn't mean that anything's going forward, [he] just wants to have [his] ducks in a row. What he told me was, the first question to answer is if there's a story worth telling. I thought there would be a lot of stories worth telling for Spike, but I think it has to be a story that he feels is worth telling, one that excites him enough. And I think if he finds it, there will be a Spike movie, and if he doesn't, there probably won't and there probably shouldn't be.

Add in Tim Minear's comment on :
Tim Minear: Also, I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if I wanted to write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing. Should I do it? (I of course said yes right off, still) Anything under 13 hours scares me. And anything over 13 hours... um. I got nothin'.

However, the most important thing is to remember to visit your local comic shop this week - Spike : Old Times is coming out on Wed. Written by Peter David, and featuring Halfrek/Cecily, this really shouldn't be missed.

And why am I doing all this Spike stuff you ask?
Happy Birthday to James Marsters!!

Oh, and while you're celebrating, could you kindly pop over to this poll of elementalv and vote for Spike. First category only is preferred, but voting for him in both is fine by me. Much appreciated - thanks!
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