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Not much of a real update right now - things are just rather busy and tiring at work this week due to the inevictable August everyone going on holiday stuff. That leaves us short-handed and in the 'care' of a temporary boss who doesn't understand or care regarding just which bits of the job need extra staff at which points. So, stress.

Balloon poll update tonight for sure though. I promise!

Hopefully that'll get done before the 4th ep of Lost turns up on uk tv tonight. Yes, I'm watching. Yes, I might well be hooked. And yes, it was the polar bears that did it.

And ooo! Finally watched the first two episodes of Stargate season 9 - Vala's a hoot! Her and Daniel make one of those superb, bickering teams that's just great fun to watch. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed her first appearence - anyone know which ep that was in?
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