Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

*blink, blink*

Somehow, it's always a surprise and weird when you watch a tv show and see people who you so strongly associate with other shows turn up. For example, tonight's episode of Without A Trace features Iyari Limon (aka Kennedy from Buffy) and Francis Capra (aka Weevil from Veronica Mars). There's always that slight moment of disassocation when you can't quite shake off the characters you know them as from the people they're playing - so in this case although I can see Weevil dating a blind girl, it's jarring to consider Kennedy as a counselor for the blind.

And speaking of strange and odd....

Have you questions you need answered? Perplexed by puzzles? Then I have the ultimate guru to help guide you through the confusion : Ask Kosh. Once you have understood his advice, you should be fine. *grins*

I'm a lesbian first lady. Woo
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
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