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The Stargate SG-1 Balloon poll - round six

Round I : Jonas Quinn
Round II : Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell
Round III : Major Samantha Carter
Round IV : Gen. George Hammond
Round V : Dr Janet Frasier

"One too many rectal thermometers, Colonel?" asked Dr Janet Frasier, raising her brows.

Jack O'Neill looked a little shifty and moved his arms around in an embarassed fashion. "Well," he spluttered, "It's not like that was the best thing about coming back from missions..."

Daniel pushed his glasses up his nose and interjected "I believe what Jack is trying to say is that we should be thinking more of the final survivors lost on this planet. It makes more sense to have experienced offworld people."

"Indeed," rumbled Teal'c.

Janet sighed. "I hate logic," she muttered but still walked to the edge of the balloon. Turning around, she flashed them all a last smirk, "Don't forget Colonel - I've been training all the medics at the base to my standards. And that includes all your shots." As the balloon, rocked and steadied itself once more, Jack O'Neill was distinctly heard to mutter something about maybe how being a survivor wasn't going to be that appealing after all.

Poll #552219 The Stargate SG-1 Balloon Poll - round six

Jack O'Neill smiled his patented We're-Up-Shit-Creek smile. "Well, ain't this just fine and dandy."

Colonel Jack O'Neill
Dr Daniel Jackson
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