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Elements of the Fantastic (drabble challenge)

Title: Elements of the Fantastic
Challenge: tthdrabbles challenge#18 - The Elements
Crossover: Buffyverse/Fantastic Four
Characters: Water (Reed Richards), Air (Sue Storm), Fire (Johnny Storm), Earth (Ben Grimm)

1) Water

Reed Richards is the smartest person Faith’s ever met. More than Giles even. Okay, so he’s managed to get her and the others all stuck in a dimension where Earth has been totally over-run by vamps, but no-one’s perfect right?

Plus, his powers fascinate her. Stretching is one thing, but he’s capable of so much more. Always flowing, always in motion of some kind, slipping through whatever gaps there are. Whenever a vamp blow falls, he’s not there.

Perhaps it’s a reflection of his quicksilver mind, ever thinking, analysing.

Faith knows one thing for certain - He’ll get them home.

2) Air

They flow through the vamp forces like air slipping between the cracks, aided by a judicious use of invisible forcefields when needed. Always moving, never giving the vamps a chance to realise what is happening around them. Each pause a reduction in the vampire numbers.

Plunge and move on.

Plunge and move on.

Safely invisible thanks to Sue, Faith finishes each vampire off with a single blow to their hearts. As each in turn crumples into dust, Faith exchanges a smirk with the Invisible Woman, and they move on.

Both of them silent, deadly, and unseen.

Plunge and move on.

3) Fire

Johnny’s hot. And worse, he knows it.

Smouldering good looks, devilish charm, and that smile of his. Something in that cocky, arrogant attitude attracts Faith.

Even now, in the middle of fighting this horde of vampires, a thrill shots through her when he flashes a glance at her. He’ll use his flame blasts to turn a wave into dust, and all she can think of is what he’d feel like pressed up against her hot, naked skin.

There’s a heat between them. Even Ben’s noticed the sparks, and uncharacteristically hasn’t said a word.

Moth to a flame. Burn, baby, burn.

4) Earth

Ben Grimm is a firm, reassuring presence beside her. When he’s at her back, Faith relaxes just that fraction more than she would around any other person, even B.

It’s a last ditch stand for the two of them, holding the bridge while Reed finishes the portal back. Wave after wave of vampires attack them in this corridor, only to meet her stake and those orange rocky paws of Ben’s.

Ben’s the down to earth guy she sometimes wishes she’d known before. Utterly reliable, always supportive when needed, and solid as a rock.

No way she’s gonna let him down.
Tags: drabbles, faith, fic

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