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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

As spotted by liz_marcs and grabbed from leggyslove:

Want to use this banner?

No spoilers yet, but I'm just about to head out to pick up my copy. Expect updates!

Blaise Zabrini gets serious page time. And he's male. :P (p 137)

Interesting - Draco's being closely watched by Pansy for his reaction when she says that Ginny's attractive to the boys. I suspect I've been reading too much D/G here. :D (page 143)

OMIGOD! Snape's the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. (page 158)

The Half-Blood Prince is a book!?!?!

The origin of Lord Voldemort or how his parents met. So Voldie's actually Tom Riddle Jr, huh. I'm very tempted to go back and re-read the start of GoF now as I always thought there was something funny about the number of bodies mentioned there. (p 200)

Oh god. *head-desk* Harry is suddenly jealous of Ginny making out with Dean Thomas. On the other hand, he took it better than Ron did. (p 268)

Woo-Hoo! Ron and Hermione are having arguements, so Ron moves in on Lavender, while Harry takes Luna to a party. Seriously, I've just realised I'm more of a Harry/Luna shipper than a Harry/Ginny fan.

Ron poisoned! Is Malfoy trying to kill Slughorn to stop that memory coming out?Ooops.

There IS a curse on the Defense Against The Dark Arts position. *snerk*

(p443) A nasty thought has just occured to me. I wonder if Draco's now a werewolf. Also, Tonks is obviously under an Imperivo.Ooops again.

The locket's a fake. WTF?

Okay, really not surprised at Dumbledore's death. Just the who. OMGWTFBBQ?!?

Okay, finished it now. Whoa. Thoughts and ideas:

Draco was asked to kill Dumbledore. Snape swore that Unbreakable Oath to carry out Draco's duty if needed, and so killed Dumbledore. Plus, it was both a mercy killing (quick and clean) for Dumbledore, and it stopped Draco from actually killing someone.

Snape's the Half-Blood Prince? *head-desk* Really should have guessed that from the Potions stuff alone. And therefore most logically that's why there had to be a new Potions teacher. I still think Snape is loyal to Dumbledore, but it sure looks bad for him right now.

The horcruxes - The diary (destroyed), Voldie himself, Nagmi the snake and four relics from the Founders. It looks like the locket was already destroyed by RAB (whoever he is), the Hufflepuff cup and two others. The sword cannot be the Gryfindor Horcrux, but maybe it has a counterbalancing shield?

I really want book seven now. Harry Potter and the Search for the Seven Fold Soul?
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