Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

The approaching disaster that is known as X3

Marvel Chief Urges Patience for Ratner's 'X-Men'.

Add in that Nightcrawler won't be back, that apparently Venus and Serena Williams are both competing for the same part of the mutant hooker, and this is the best way to defuse critisim? Call your fanbase idiots?

In other more fun news....

In Rob Thomas's own words:
We are adding some new cast members. Dick and Beaver Casablancas will
become series regulars. We will feature their step mother, a former
Laker girl, current trophy-wife to Big Dick Casablancas. Her name is
Kendall Lacy Casablancas.

We have not cast this role, yet, but in an early meeting, I described
the character as Bunny Lebowski "ten years later." (Those of you who
haven't seen The Big Lebowski, go rent it now!) Consequently, Tara
Reid's name came up. She is/was one name on a very long list. We have
not offered the role to anyone. The network wants us to cast a name
actor, but most name actors won't do a six to ten episode arc on UPN,
so my best guess is that eventually we'll be allowed to cast it normally.

We're also casting the role of Jackie Chase, the daughter of a future
hall of fame baseball player, Terrance Chase. Her father will be the
baseball equivalent of Magic Johnson. Jackie has spent the previous
17 years of her life living with her mother in Manhattan, but her
mother has given up on wild child Jackie and is sending her to live
with her father in Neptune.

Another scoop. You heard it here first. Keith will be asked to, once
again, run for sheriff by the shoo-in candidate for mayor, Woody Goodman.

We are not killing off a character six episodes in. The network asked
us to add a few characters. Unfortunately, no one gave us any more
money in our budget, so we did have to trim the number of episodes of
some of our regular characters to make financial space in the show. I
hated to do this. I love our cast.

Alyson Hannigan's show got picked up, so it'll be tough to get her
back next year, but we love her and if there's a chance, and we can
afford her, we will. Max Greenfield's (Deputy Leo) show also got
picked up. Same story for him. Kyle Secor's show got picked up. He plays
Geena Davis' first husband on that new NBC series.
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