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The Veronica Mars Balloon poll - round one

As borrowed with permission from slowfox, I present the Veronica Mars balloon poll.

It had been a particularly boring day at Neptune High when Veronica had signed up for the hot air balloon trip. Looking back, her first sign that things were going to go wrong should have been that of all the adults that could have come along to chaperone, it just had to be her father.

The second sign was when she reached the launching point for the balloon that morning, and saw just who else was in the group to go up. Any trip with Logan Echolls and Madison Sinclair along was gonna be hell, let alone having Duncan and Meg there together. Fortunately, Mac and Wallace were also present to distract her.

The third sign? Well, that would be when everyone was on board, and the balloon guy with what sounded like the world's worst hangover let go of the cables early, and they found themselves drifting out to sea in a very strong wind.

So naturally the discovery that the balloon was undergoing a slow leak really didn't come as that much of a surprise. Wildly off course, and they were adrift over the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight. Compeletely out of the range of any cell phone, they threw all the phones and whatever surplus equipment was lying around overboard. But to no avail.

A deathly silence fell across the basket as everyone realised that the only weight left to jettison was themselves.

Poll #527421 The Veronica Mars Balloon poll

The first person therefore to leave the balloon was

Duncan Kane
Logan Echolls
Keith Mars
Madison Sinclair
Meg Manning
Veronica Mars
Wallace Fennel

So, if you'd like to leave pleas for certain people to be thrown out or be kept in, feel free. And pimp to your hearts content - this first round will be open for about 2 days before I cut it off and move onto Round 2. Yes, I'm evil. Mwahahahaha...
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