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City Of Heroes problems

Looks like my free 14 day trial on the US servers is up, and it's demanding a retail code to carry on. Now I'd thought I'd set up the account to carry on automatically, but looks like they won't accept that for some reason. In other words, they want me to pay for the game again.

So I sent them a polite email :


For the last two weeks I’ve been quite happily playing on the Champion server along with my friends in the States – I originally started off on the Europe servers, but as the only reason I bought the game in the first place was to play with my online buddies, I figured out how to access the US servers. Now it looks like my 30 day free trial period is up on the Europe servers and I can’t access anything.

I’d thought that I’d set up the account so that I do pay for the US servers (but not the Europe ones), but it’s reading Inactive for that account, and it’s looking like it wants me to pay the full retail price for a support code. As I don’t want to pay for the game twice, can you help?

My account name is booster17.

Thank you

And got back this response:

It is necessary to have a contract to request personal assistance.

Well, that just pissed me off. Anyhow, I've found out that I can access the Europe servers after all, so I've tried petitioning over on there now.

So mynuet, if you don't see me around for a bit you'll know why.

Update - it's been passed onto their billing department.

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