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Sentimental yet sardonic

The Fanfiction Glossary including such gems as this entry:

Rice out(tm): To Rice out(TM) is to make an ass of oneself by reacting to negative feedback by insisting that one's creative work is superior in all aspects. To be fully worthy of the term, the author should throw down in public and insult both reviewers and readers alike. Inspired by a notorious hissyfit thrown on by the inimitable (and apparently too-good-for-an-editor) Anne Rice. The (TM) is vital because, as we all know, Ms. Rice is very protective of her trademarks...

Such of this stuff is fascinating to read.

You rule. in 15 years, you won't be as known as you
are now, but most of the people that will know
you then will like you (or else I'll beat them
with a stick). You're nice to listen to.

What band from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And did someone order me a mindmap?

Gloucester, United Kingdom - A Portal to another MindMap!O-town North, Florida - A Portal to another MindMap!Dallas, Texas - A Portal to another MindMap!Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway - A Portal to another MindMap!Virginia - A Portal to another MindMap!North Carolina - A Portal to another MindMap!United States - A Portal to another MindMap!Indiana - A Portal to another MindMap!Mount Holly, Vermont - A Portal to another MindMap!United StatesUnited StatesTexasGeorgiaColorado Springs, ColoradoFloridaNever Never Land      Yahoo!FloridaWaltham, MassachusettsNew JerseySan Angelo, TexasCambridge, Ontario, CanadaOnchan, Isle of Man, United Kingdom

Fascinatingly, the names with a [ and ] around them link to their own mind-maps.
Tags: links, memes!
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