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Weekend update

Well, I've survived another week I guess, so it's back to work again tomorrow. *sigh*

Best week ever for fic, managing to get a lot done. Nothing on the ones shamefully left in WIP status, but lots of oneshots done. The latest one, done this weekend, was a PWP involving Giles and Faith for elementalv and empressvesica : When I Kissed The Watcher.

It's only the second PWP I've done, which brings up some interesting points. Firstly, I'm a lot better at it than I thought I'd be, which disturbs me slightly. When writing it, I fell into the flow a lot quicker in certain places than I normally do. Secondly, I couldn't leave it as the standard happy ending. WTF? It's a PWP! But no - the characters wanted it, and they promptly hijacked the ending.

Maybe it should be marked With Plot....

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