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Welcome to Gotham (Batman/Buffyverse crosses)

Title: Welcome to Gotham
Word Count: 100 each
Fandom: Buffyverse, Batverse
Challenge: TtHDrabble #011: Comics
Summary: Gotham City's got a new visitor
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in here. Originally posted in tthdrabbles.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

She ran over the rooftops, leaping expertly from one Gotham building to another.

Catwoman risked a quick look behind her, and saw the pursuing figure closing in. Desperate to shake off her tail (and keep those delicious diamonds), she resorted to her last, best trick – throwing herself off the side of a twenty story building.

Rebounding from some convenient cables, Catwoman halted her fall and propelled herself some distance away. Ducking into a doorway, she tried to inhale.

A cough came from behind her.

“Hey, nice work-out,” said Faith, not even out of breath, “Can we do this every night?”

First Impressions

Walking away from the startled jewel thief, Faith whistled a happy tune. Gotham City was certainly her kind of town. Dark, corrupt and full of costumed nuts. Fun!

Suddenly a cable whistled down from above wrapping itself around her ankles. Jerking her off her feet, it suddenly recoiled upwards, taking her with it.

She found herself hanging upside down, two hundred feet above the pavement, facing what had to be Batman. In a nice, tight fitting costume.

“Dude,” she said, expertly fishing a cig out and lighting up, “Normally, I don’t go for being tied up till the third date.”

Not Your Average Interrogation

Faith idly wondered if anyone had ever blown smoke rings into Batman’s face before. He didn’t seem to be expecting it certainly.

Hanging 200 feet over the ground was mildly worrying, but worth it just to study this guy Giles had mentioned. And Faith was sure now that this was no strange demon, but just a guy in a costume.

A rather tasty, tight fitting costume too.

“I’m Batman!” he snarled, “Tell me who you work for!”

Faith considered this briefly, then beamed brightly at him. “Buy me dinner, and I just might tell you,” she said, fluttering her eyelashes.

Big Mistake

"This is MY town,” growled Batman threateningly. "Be warned."

Faith yawned. “Dammit – I knew I should have actually looked at the map before I got here. I thought this was Gotham, not Batman City. But hey… Andrew was doing the whole driving thing.”

Batman cut her off by loosening the cord and dropping her several stories downward. That never failed to get results and terrify whoever was in the ropes. Hauling her quickly back up, he was surprised to see an expression of annoyance, rather than the fear he was expecting.

“You. Made. Me. Drop. My. Cig.” Faith said flatly.
Tags: batman, catwoman, drabbles, faith, fic, gotham

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