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Veronica Mars is a virus

Given the sheer number of people who have become avid watchers of Veronica Mars simply by watching one episode thanks to word-of-mouth, then yes, VM is a virus. One episode seems to be enough to hook you into watching another, and after two or three episodes - you're a gonner. One friend said he mentioned it at a UK re-enactment fair last weekend and had people coming up to him saying "You have copies? Gimme!"

Been thinking about this recently after I hooked another friend on VM at the weekend. I sat him down in front of the pilot episode and forced him to watch. After viewing, he insisted on taking the next two eps with him on a flash card, and then emailed me two days later, cursing me for addicting him. He has since turned up with a laptop and copied all the remaining episodes.

Except one.

Silly old me seems to have moved the season finale Leave it to Beaver into a different folder, so he unfortunately didn't copy it. In fact, he doesn't realise it's missing at all at the moment. I just felt he deserved to feel the pain and agony we felt of having to wait a week between the last two eps. Yes, I'm evil. So, turning to my beloved flist:

So, what should I do when he finally notices?

Claim absolutely no knowledge, search the computer and hand it over?
Claim to have 'accidentally' deleted it?
Hold it to ransom?
Attach the first ten minutes to another file somehow, and send him away with that one?
Claim my flist made me do it?
"No... no. There WERE only 21 episodes this season"...?
Claim hackers deleted it off his computer?
Hide, because an addicted watcher deprieved of the finale will be highly dangerous.

And seriously - I know I've addicted a number of you lovely people out there (including Aria and dangermonki in a chatroom on Sunday night) to the glories of Veronica Mars. Just out of curiousity, which of you never cared about it until I started California Screaming?

In other, totally boring, news - I had a haircut today and have tickets for Batman Begins tonight. Don't wait up!
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