Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Random stuff

Either I need to wash up more often or buy more tea spoons. Yeah, I think we can all guess which option I'm gonna end up doing...

~ + ~

I'm totally addicted to sudoku now. That site provides a brand new logic quiz each day which helps get my mind alledgedly working.

~ + ~

Trying to make my mind up between working at the weekend, seeing Sin City on the big screen, or watching Mr and Mrs Smith. I've seen Sin City, but not in glorious large black, white and occasional red. Choices, choices...

~ + ~

On the current writing list - one VM/Buffyverse cross for hopingitwasyou, a Ninth Doctor related ficlet, California Screaming (which is at the stage of being dragged out kicking and screaming one sentence at a time) and thinking/musing about a 'Hallowed Hunt' crossover.

~ + ~

foenix pointed me to this lovely Barry Kitson Legion artwork. *admires Princess Projectra*

~ + ~

Peter David's Spike comic can now be ordered from all good comic shops. Just tell them it's by IDW Publishing.

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