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Malfoys, Weasleys and Weddings

I originally started out trying to do a couple of drabbles for empressvesica in her weekly attempts at malfoy100. Unfortunately, Head Over Heels demanded more space to breathe, and I'd missed the deadline anyhow. So, here you lucky D/G shippers go.

Dedicated to mynuet who does these two better than anyone else.

The first clue that Draco actually noticed about the bouquet being thrown at the wedding was when it landed in his drink.

The second clue was when Ginny Weasley barrelled straight into him in a desperate attempt to beat the Patil twins and Hermione to it. They too, inevitably followed Ginny into him causing everyone to fall over together behind the food table.

There was a certain amount of physical contact, involving inappropriate groping on somebody’s part, before Padma emerged, waving the bedraggled flowers triumphantly. Pavarti and Hermione stalked off, fuming and straightening their attire.

Ginny just stayed where she was, oddly content in Draco Malfoy’s arms, really looking at him for the first time. For his part, Draco certainly didn’t object. He too, was struck by the new angle – of that sense of something very familiar and taken for granted actually being strange and suddenly very, very interesting.

His third clue was when Ron Weasley pulled Ginny off Draco, and informed everyone nearby in very loud tones that this had only happened because of the bouquet tossing. Ginny and Draco shared a look.

Two years later, Ginny Malfoy took great pleasure in deliberately bouncing her bouquet off Ron’s head.

Overheard at the wedding of Neville and Pansy Longbottom :

“As I understand it, Miss Weasley, it is considered somewhat traditional for the bridesmaid and best man at these affairs to sleep together."

“You are deluding yourself, Malfoy – and besides, I thought you didn’t follow Muggle customs?”

Draco bowed, mockingly. “I’m a very practical person, Weasley. If it’s a good idea, I don’t necessarily rule it straight out.”

He smirked. “Take condoms, for example…”

Ginny looked up at him, her lips twitching. “Perhaps we should discuss this elsewhere? My room?”

“Ahhh… Muggle Studies - I always did enjoy the practicals.”
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