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Just a nice quiet weekend

Everyone needs one of those every now and then, so I've done very little but had a great time doing it. *grins* Had a nice long chat on the phone yesterday with empressvesica, caught up with a couple of the graphic novels I'd got recently (If you don't have a tear in your eye after reading We3 you have no soul. Seriously.) and caught up on some fic reading.

And today, probably did even less - I did help wildecate beta Teaser, a Ninth Doctor/Rose/Jack threesome which is highly enjoyable. That, and re-read Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion in readiness for when my copy of The Hallowed Hunt turns up this week.

Oh! - and I finally picked up X-Men 2 (two disc version) for £8 from Smiths, and Stargate Season One. Originally, Stargate came out in this country in a very pecuilar way - the very first Dvd had the double length pilot episode and the last three episodes of season one. The next Dvd had the first four episodes of season two, and future releases never missed an ep. Strange indeed. Eventually, they went back and did a box set with the missing eps, and that was the only way to get them.

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