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Fic :The Ties That Bind (NC-17, femmeslash)

Happy Birthday, queenzulu!!!

Title: The Ties That Bind
Rating: NC-17
Setting: Post-Graduation Day
Summary: Faith has a new toy to play with – all tied up and nowhere to go. Femmeslash.
Author's Notes:.Written for queenzulu’s birthday – hope you like it! Immense gratitude goes to sweetjane_69 without whom this would suck even worse.

Faith glared down at the bound body lying on the floor at her feet. The dark ropes and bonds contrasted nicely with the blonde hair visible at the top of her head, and a small smirk crossed Faith’s lips as she bent down and slowly stroked one finger down her captive’s cheek. “Ah, Buffy…” she murmured softly, “So this is how the tables turn.”

Faith jumped back a little as her captive struggled in her bonds. “No, no...” she purred, as the frantic motions eventually calmed down, “You aren’t escaping from me that easily.”

She trailed one hand delicately through the long yellow hair, stroking it, playing with it, twirling it around one finger. Staring down at her, Faith could see she was trying not to be affected by this simple, intimate gesture.

A sudden unreasoning anger filled Faith, and she fought the urge to force her back down onto the bed. Running one hand roughly across succulent breasts, she growled down “Enough of this shit! Time for little miss perfect to start paying!” With one motion, she grabbed the flimsy garment and ripped it straight off.

Looking down at those beautiful, delicious, heaving breasts still framed within the bonds of the ropes, Faith’s anger found a new target. Working from side to side, she rained short angry bites down on them, careful to bruise not break the skin. As the body beneath her wriggled desperately, Faith glared up at her. “That it, huh? That how Angel liked to treat you? Or was it more like Angelus that you screwed?”

She bit down on one of the perfect nipples staring up at her. The results were immediately obvious, as the prone body under her almost bucked her off the bed in the ensuing convulsion. “Fuck!” Faith swore as a low moan of pleasure drifted to her, “You actually like this shit I’m doing to you!”

Two determined eyes gazed up at her, defiance vivid within them. She was panting deeply, but still not saying a word – just like she had from the very beginning. Faith set her jaw firmly. No fucking way was she losing this strange contest of wills they were now involved in.

“Okaaaay,” she drawled, “Playing dumb blonde, huh?” Running her fingers over the firm perky breasts, Faith watched the intake of breath as she flicked one nipple again. “You like it hard, don’t you?” she whispered, moving her head ever closer to it. “It must be so different for a bitch like you to find someone stronger than yourself.“

“Someone to treat you right.” She flicked the other nipple hard.

“Someone who knows what you want.” She flicked the first one harder.

“Someone who knows just what hidden depths you have.” She flicked both nipples, causing another sharp intake of breath, but no other reaction.

“Someone who knows just what turns you on.” And taking both nipples between her respective thumb and forefingers, Faith pulled the nipples upwards hard, waiting an agonising eternity before releasing them.

Sliding one hand along her heaving, panting sides, Faith felt the smooth warmth of that gorgeous skin. The creamy white expanse of flesh that cuts and bruises just seemed to stand out so well against. Not marring, but sanctifying. Arriving at her destination, Faith slowly teasingly slipped her hand under the scrap of cloth covering the heat between those shapely legs she’d admired so much.

“What’s this?” she teasingly said in her most innocent and shocked voice, “Oh my word... are you really turned on by this, Buffy?” She ran one finger along the warm, wet groove there, then pushed in further. A sharp intake of breath greeted this intrusion, and Faith smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile, but closer to that of a shark closing in on its prey.

With her spare hand, Faith quickly ripped off the few remaining clothes on her victim, letting the tattered pieces drop to the floor unheeded. “Damn, B,” Faith said, shaking her head, “Even that excites you.”

Slipping one finger along the warm groove once more, Faith suppressed a moan herself at the sticky sweet wetness. Choosing her moment carefully, she sank one finger then two deep within her fellow’s body. A deep shuddering moan of pleasure greeted this, and Faith smirked.

Slowly Faith pulled out till only her fingertips remained inside her, then plunged them back inside the deep damp clutching walls. Out again, in again, out again. Repeating this so many times, ramming them inside with so much of her full Slayer strength, lifting the other off the bed in repeated paroxysms of pleasure.

Watching the woman beneath her writhe in passion, making small mews of pleasure, yet somehow never saying a word, Faith waited. Just when the crescendo rose to a peak, Faith savagely bit down on a nipple.

That was all it took. The yellow haired beauty screamed her pleasure loudly into the empty room as she came. Faith just sat there, strangely numb. She’d won, hadn’t she? Made her scream, made her come… why did she feel so empty inside?

Faith suddenly stood up and strode away from the bed. Throwing herself down into a chair, she poured a generous portion of wine into a mug swallowing it down in two goes, then she threw the mug across the room, watching it bounce against the far wall and land resoundingly on the stone floor.

“Shit,” she said in a small, almost wavering voice, “I can’t do this. I just can’t.”

She looked over towards the bed and in a sad, resigned tone said “Phedre… enough.”

The anguissette’s eyes dipped, displaying a sadness of her own. “As milady wishes,” she murmured. “Was I somehow not sufficient for you? Was I..?”

“Never!” Faith’s instant denial rolled across the chamber for a moment as the restless Slayer flung herself to her feet once more and began pacing around the room. “Heh,” she grinned humourlessly, “Never thought I’d be saying this, but it’s not you – it’s me.”

Striding over to Phedre’s side, Faith roughly undid the ropes holding her. Standing there beside her, Faith softly stroked the yellow wig that had been so effective. “It’s…. it’s something that has to be settled between us, Phedre. Buffy and I… we really are the same. Yet different.”

Phedre stretched herself and regarded her patron with compassion. “Blessed Naamah said Love as thou wilt. You can only feel this estranged from someone when you have been so close to them.”

“I don’t love Buffy,” Faith said absent mindedly, one hand running across the side of her stomach automatically, “I don’t. I hate her! I do!”

A wisp of a smile appeared briefly on Phedre’s face as she pulled Faith down level with her on the bed. “Let us forget all others for the moment milady, for your ‘acquaintance’ is far away at this moment.”

Pulling the unresisting Slayer onto the bedding, Phedre leant across her and gently blew out the candle. All was dark round around them, just two people holding each other in the night.

“For the present Lady Faith, Love as thou wilt.”


Author's Note - As you might have guessed by now, this is a crossover with the Kushiel books by Jacqueline Carey. Phedre belongs to her, just like Josh owns Faith and Buffy. I own nothing. No small animals were harmed during the making of this fic.

Consider this another entry into the wonderful world of Kushiel's Slayer, a small shared universe co-created with queenzulu. Happy Birthday, Heather!
Tags: birthday wishes, faith, fic, kushiel's slayer

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