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As spotted on curiouswombat's LJ : Googlism. Truly a fascinating way to learn strange new things about yourself, or even people you know.

Googlism for: booster

booster is scrubbed
booster is £4
booster is optimistic
booster is scrubbed by interfax news agency posted
booster is set to launch the x
booster is a small tweak to the half
booster is a blast oct 18 '01 author's product rating
booster is the windows utility you need to help you
booster is attached to the pad by four large bolts
booster is going to be a great addition to the riot boat fleet
booster is covered by a twelve
booster is designed with an fme male rf connector on the unit itself and is supplied with an fme female / fme female rf lead (No, I really don't think so...)
booster is tapped for the sba if confirmed
booster is a great tool
booster is not permitted to provide a prospect
booster is the latest development from wind tools and uses the new "sail batten technology" system
booster is not feasible
booster is scheduled for erection next week beginning oct (*blinks A LOT*)
booster is jettisoned at an altitude of 2
booster is totally great
booster is lifted up the mobile launch tower at pad 17a
booster is a internet speed booster that speeds up web browsing
booster is not permitted to provide a student
booster is not permitted to telephone (WTF?!?!)
booster is at least 110°f
booster is most often used as a stationary unit
booster is the part of the missile interceptor that carries the defense’s exoatmospheric kill vehicle
booster is launched from cape canaveral afs
booster is lifted up the mobile launch tower
booster is a guitar effects pedal that can be used to overdrive a tube guitar amplifier
booster is raised to a vertical position for mating with the delta ii rocket (I WHAT?!?)
booster is “boosting” the oem current about 100 % higher
booster is the latest addition to the standard missile family
booster is using the permanent running copy of java virtual machine
booster is needed to install mechanical fuzes in the mk 80
booster is one of the lightest of the cantilever type booster plates
booster is the first synchrotron
booster is an acronym for business object
booster is an innovation for the leather industry
booster is required in 1 year for adult dogs and puppies
booster is prohibited from contacting a psa's coach (Oooookay....)
booster is an extension of java compiler
booster is the ticket for 4 wheel disc
booster is published on a weekly basis by polk county publishing co
booster is an extension of the java compiler
booster is required to offset the lack of solar radiation on cold and rainy days
booster is a microwave tag specially designed for vehicle and driver identification and has the unique capability to combine inductive
booster is the only one that will actually work on your cell phone
booster is used to correctly position the child in a vehicle lap/shoulder belt
booster is easy to use and transport and allows you to adjust the fit for children who're on the small side
booster is the only low pressure system that can oxygenate your bait over a longer period of time using almost pure oxygen
booster is a blend of multiple strains of laboratory pure bacteria
booster is quite complex in its operation

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