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Kill Spike!

As seen on speakr2customrs's LJ - harmonyfb had been flamed for posting an April Fool’s fic on All About Spike in which Spike dies, and as a response she has asked people to write Spike Death drabbles and post them on her LJ here.

So I decided to play too. A couple of 100-word drabbles.

Some Say The World Will End In Fire…

Spike woke up, yawned and stretched his arms.

At least he would have, had they not been tied to his body. In fact, he couldn’t move at all due to the ropes around him, and there appeared to be a tarpaulin above him.

“Oi!” he yelled, “What’s bloody going on here?”

There was a rustle and a familiar head peered underneath the covering. With a sad, but determined look on her face, Dawn simply said “I told you not to hurt her.”

Pulling the sheet off, Dawn watched as the desert sun rose. And tried not to hear the screams.

Some Say In Ice

Spike looked down at his chest in mild disbelief.

“You stupid prat, Harris!” he swore, “Stabbing me with a bloody icicle isn’t going to stop me from getting to Buffy now my chip’s finally out,” and punched Xander across the room.

Spike paused before finishing him off, sensing something wasn’t right. For one, why was the idiot grinning?

“That’s not a real icicle, Captain Peroxide,” smirked Xander from his prone position. “That’s one I knocked up in my freezer out of Willow’s Holy water supplies.”

Spike’s eyes widened. “Holy… Water?” he croaked – and exploded into a shower of (damp) dust.

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