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DC Universe - This week's Infinite Crisis clues/set-ups

Warning : Of interest only to comic fans.

This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly round-up of all Infinite Crisis build-up parts. Doubtless some of the things I pull out will have absolutely nothing to do with the big plot, but hopefully we'll be able to see the big picture grow.

So, this week's clues:

Adam Strange 8: Set-up for Rann/Thanagar War. Starbreaker is defeated at the cost of all the remaining Darkstar's lives, and left trapped in the dead parallel dimension. Unfortunately, Rann has materalised in the Polaris System, and upset the gravitational pull of the solar system - Thanagar is now heading into the sun.

Green Arrow 50: After a long hard fight against the Riddler and Drakon, Team Arrow arrive home only to see it blown up in front of them. Turns out Deathstroke did it for Brick as part of his revenge on Green Arrow.

Green Lantern : Rebirth 6: Brings back Hal Jordan finally, and sets him up for his appearence in Countdown. Notable for Hal punching Batman out.

JSA 73: Day of Vengeance tie-in. The Spectre and Eclipso turn up and take out the Crimson Avenger in Spectre's search to destroy all magic. Black Adam's deal with the Society is revealed - they leave Kahndaq alone, and he trades services with them. Luthor complains that Black Adam snapped one of Multiplex's necks during recruitment. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is summoned by Shazam and told that Eclipso is back in the body of Jean Loring. After the Captain leaves, Shazam studies the Blue Beatle scarab.

Outsiders 23: The traito in the team is revealed to be Shift. Arsenal shoots him, and traps him in a cylinder. Lead-up to the Teen Titans/Outsiders crossover.

Rann/Thanagar War 1: Didn't get a copy, so hopefully next week.

Wonder Woman 216: While Wonder Woman (still blind here) and Wonder Girl are slogging through Hades, Diana's assistant Jonah is visited by the same redhead that approached him earlier. She says "I'm here to give you a message. It's active, Jonah. All of it. The next time you see me be ready to move." Possible OMAC tie-in here?

Anyone spot anything I missed?

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