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The Empress Vesica's birthday fic Faith/Giles masterlist!!!

This is normally where I'd put the scrolling birthday message (if I knew the HMTL to do it), but I'll have to settle for this:

Happy Birthday empressvesica!!!

And did someone say Faith and Giles fic and pictures for you?

The talented absolut_jmo made this icon.
The lovely spankerella wrote Father Figured.
The super norwegianne wrote I'm No Julia Roberts.
The smashing wildecate wrote Dress Me Up
The loveable sweetjane_69 wrote Tagalongs.
The funny cliodnahpfan made this birthday card.
The smart brendanm720 made this icon.
The artistic hardlyfatal made this picture.
The marvelous tthjinni wrote Something Else.
The most cool larinzia wrote Get Out of My Dreams.
And this no-doubt-dead-man-walking wrote Murder At the Watcher’s Council, part 1

Happy Birthday!
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