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I blame Tara...

elementalv's discussion on Kirk/Spock slash here led to the first writing I've done all week.

There once was a discussion on Spock,
Specifically the colour of his cock,
Captain Kirk was quite keen,
To declare it bright green,
A foot long, and as hard as a rock.

"Excuse me, I quickly must dash,
I'm in the mood for some rather good slash",
Declared Captain Kirk,
Expressing his quirk,
Dropping his pants to give Spock a quick flash.

A Buffyverse writer named Tara Keezer,
Just wanted Giles there to please her,
Gazing down on his cock,
She managed not to mock,
Though it leaned like the Tower of Pisa.

I could be writing more Veronica Mars, but nooooo.... multiplying limericks in my head.


liz_marcs does cruel things to our Xander,
(Read her work here if you want a quick gander)
She fills him with pain,
And drives him insane,
I'm just waiting for the attack by a panda.
Tags: fic, limericks
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