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Hey guys

Sorry I haven't been about all that much recently. Been quite busy at the weekend with meeting the gorgeous empressvesica and the lovely wildecate. Early starts, late nights and quite a bit of drinking tends to take it out of one. Not to mention the slight depression when it's all over.

Anyhow, hopefully I might get back to writing again by the weekend. I owe a fic for the PALathon, and I got partway into California Screaming part 5 last week. Plus, though I managed to stop myself from signing up for the PWP femmeslash ficathon, and the Buffyverse threesome ficathon, I eventally fell for kben's Veronica Mars/Buffyverse crossover ficathon. You guys should all go sign up too.

And thanks to the wonders of BitTorrent, I should have the next Veronica Mars to watch tomorrow.

Again, apologies for not being around much recently, and if you're waiting for stuff from me - soon, I promise.

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