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Christopher Eccleston quits.

Now, given that the BBC have already announced a second season and a Christmas special which Eccleston is going to be in, what are the odds of a regeneration story?

Rich Johnson, gossip-monger extraordinare suggests that:

The production team had no intention of renewing Christopher Eccleston’s contract past the Christmas special. They *want* a regeneration, to sell that integral concept of the series to the new generation of viewers. This has been Russell T Davies’ plan all along. Eccleston is playing along. And the BBC are continuing to set the agenda for entertainment stories in the UK right now, and Doctor Who is again on all the front pages.

Mentioning David Tennant is a red herring - he will appear in the Christmas Special but not necessarily taking the role of The Doctor after the Eccleston look regenerates. The BBC may do a bait and switch to surprise the viewers. Bill Nighy and Chiwetel Ejoifor are both up for the lead, and would appear at the end of the Christmas Special, and then into the second series.

Who'd have thought we'd get some much fuss over a sci-fi program, eh?

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