Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

A Hole In The World (Angel)

Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.

Oh look - Joss killed off another female. To quote his last victim "What is your childhood trauma!?" Face it, the last male person of any regular status killed off by Joss was Jonathan (although if Gunn's done what I think he's done to Knox, there might be anyone to add to the list). Seriously, the death count in the Jossverse does seem very heavily weighted towards the female side.

I take that moment with Wes as Fred's death. Everything after that I assume to be Illyria taking over the body (and nice to see that blue is making a comeback). Just need the leather trousers now, or given Fred's recent wardrobe, a short leather mini-skirt.

Those of us complaining that a)Lorne doesn't get to do much, and b)Eve needs to be hit hard should be very happy this episode. This was the first episode with Eve in that I actually started to feel for her surprisingly. Not sure whether it was the messed up hair, the panicked look and the way she kept trying to pull the sheet up, or the way she tried to bribe them not to tell the senior partners by helping them. Probably the fact that the song she sung was Lindsey's.

Knox is evil. Gosh. I'm surprised that he somehow got this past old destiny reading Lorne at the sing-song early this season, but we can chalk that up to either more blockers, or he just hadn't picked Fred as the host yet. I hope he's not dead yet, mind you - He's just moved above Eve in my "Angel Gang really need to hurt" list.

Gunn. Gunn, Gunn, Gunn. Deal with the devil - you're gonna get bitten. Or punched by yourself. Hopefully we got the right Gunn out of the White Room.

Wes with a gun. Now that's staff motivation.

Slash writers of the world unite - "Hold my hand", "St. Petersburg", "I thought you'd forgotten". If that doesn't get your juices going, nothing will. And by juices, I mean creative ones. Obviously.

Angel and Spike are busy arguing away like brothers who suddenly hear about their sister being in trouble. Fight stops immediately, and never really resumes. Interesting.

Overall, I'm gonna miss Fred, I think. She certainly got a hell of a good story to go out on, though I'm glad that the continual who's-Fred-getting-next-to-this-week carousel is over. From the fun flashback to remind us of how she started out (and how nice to see her parents again. Very nice touch there) to the fun she and Wesley were starting to have together to the way that they were all "her boys". Fred was in many ways the glue binding the Angel gang together. Lets see now whether they stick together or fly off into many pieces.

And can anyone tell me what the story Wes was reading to Fred was? It's vaguely familiar in an annoying way. Thanks.

And I'd have to go for astronauts myself, purely on brain capacity and ability to think their way out of the problem.

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