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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

Fic pimp

March 28th, 2005 (03:05 am)

current mood: impressed

Diary of a Mountie: LXG 1936

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossover set in 1936, featuring among others The Shadow, Mary Poppins, Lord Peter Wimsey and Dorothy Gale (and her little dog too!).

Superb, marvelous stuff, packed with easter eggs and flows along beautifully. One of the best stories I've read in a long, long time.

WARNING: Although complete up to a point, the story is set up to continue in another fic which does not seem to be available yet.


Posted by: Sunryse (sunryse00)
Posted at: March 28th, 2005 12:10 am (UTC)

No, no, no. You're not supposed to be reading other people's fic, you are supposed to be working on Califonia Screaming.

Hope I won't have to wait much longer it's been like forev...wow it's only been 4 days?
*insert puppy dog eyes*
I am prepared to beg.

I guess I'm off you read your rec since I *don't* have anything else to do.

Posted by: Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17)
Posted at: March 28th, 2005 01:27 am (UTC)
Veronica Screaming [sweetjane_69]

Well, in my excuse, I was treating myself after sending part 4 off to the beta. *grins*

Posted by: Sunryse (sunryse00)
Posted at: March 28th, 2005 05:35 am (UTC)


Can't wait. And in that case go ahead.

Posted by: Spectacularly Adequate Empress (empressvesica)
Posted at: March 28th, 2005 06:24 am (UTC)
Faith - Smirk [Eliza-D.com]

OMG!! Lord Peter!?!?

Oh,and you spell it wrong. It's Wimsey. :P

*runs off to read*

I heart Lord Peter. Gee, I wonder why?*

* Before this is turned into yet another example of my rabid Anglophilia, it should be mentioned that Dorthy Sayers was an all around kick-ass sort of gal and I should be quite happy if I turned out like her. Well, without the Latin translation and having a child out of wedlock but you knew that. :P

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