Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Quick drabble

As inspired by hjcallipygian and sweetjane_69 in this thread.

“Now really, Anyanka,“ soothed Halfrek, “Isn’t it about time you got over this problem you have with rabbits?”

“I suppose so,” said Anyanka reluctantly. “But they’re so.. so.. furry and scary and…”

“Great!” interupted Halfrek. “Now, let’s take our minds off things, and go see something, shall we?”

“It is Halloween...” mused Anyanka, “We could always go visit the Hellmouth!” She shuddered. “Just as long as there are no bunnies!”

Halfrek sighed. “There will be no rabbits, Anyanka. I promise you.”


“Alright, Rayne,” said Snyder, irritated. “Is that all you’ve got left? Fine! Give me the damn Rabbit suit then!”

Now, back to California Screaming....

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