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Hee hee.. That was fun

Just done my second ever Real-Life meeting with an LJ-er. Great fun with gianfared.

Firstly, photos were taken, yes. I finally used up all the shots on the disposable one I bought in London for the meeting with houses7177. So those will hopefully be also popping up soon. Sorry, Houses!

Secondly, all the huggles I promised to pass on to her. Have no fear empressvesica, sweetjane_69 and cindale - all hugs were safely passed on.

Thirdly, gianfared and Ann are a total hoot. So typical of Gia that they were half an hour late because of the fire alarm going off at their hotel, complete with two fire engines attending while they had to wait outside in the cold. Much alcohol was consumed during the meal, and I'm sure the waitress thought we were nuts.

We chatted about you lot on LJ, and how cold England is, how sore Gia and Ann are from all the walking everywhere, religion, Charles and Camilla, the ten things meme and just had a great time all round. Laughing most of the time. Twas a great night. I was going "I've seen the Slyth-con pics! You totally molested that statue" at one point, while Gia was busy denying everything. Though we did get to find out which person was so drunk that they ran naked down a busy road at 11 in the evening (to be fair they did think it was 3am at the time).

Oh, and for your information, Gia and Ann both had the chicken. I let Gia off on the eating kidneys bit - mainly cos she didn't bring the chitins. :) So no organs for her. And interestingly, both of them were pulled over by the marvelous Homeland Security people for checks. Must be the LiveJournal thing.... eh, sweetjane_69?

Gia's great - lovely laugh, dirty mind like mine and an amazing body for a mother of three. She managed to eat most of the main course and was patting her stomach saying how extended it was. And we're all 'Shut up!' and holding our tummies in. On the way back, we drove past the place where Phil and I work, and made rude gestures towards it.

And hey! I got presents! Okay, it was two mini-bottles of Smirmoff Ice and a St Louis Rams shot glass, but trust me - they've already been used. ;) And a nice pre-mixed CD. Someone knows my tastes...
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