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A slight apology

A while back, I asked some tough, tough Buffy questions, and never posted the answers. There's a good reason for that, as I completely lost the papers with the answers on. *embarassed look*

I've now found the page with all the answers, but not the one with all the workings on. *even more embarassed look* Can anyone help with the reconstructions here? Pretty please?

Which episode did Giles first get knocked unconscious?

Which episode first had a character seen in the opening credits NOT appear in the actual episode? Bonus point for the character.
Cordelia in ‘The Pack’

Who was the first person to call Giles ‘Rupert’?
Jenny Calender

What was the first episode to NOT feature Nerf Herder over the end credits?
The Puppet Show

What was the first episode to have Buffy fighting with a sword?
Reptile Boy

What was the first episode to reveal Oz’s real name?
The Initative (oddly enough, after he left).

What is the first episode to have an on-screen title?
Once, More With Feeling

What is the first episode that Faith hits Buffy?
Beauty and the Beasts

What is the first episode to not have the opening teaser?

What was the first episode where Xander wore an eye-patch?
All The Way

Hoiw many times did
a) Giles get knocked unconscious?
b) Willow had a phobia?
c) An apocalypse got averted?
d) A double or alternative version of a character show up in our reality?
e) Jobs Xander has after Graduation?
f) Jobs Buffy has after Graduation?
g) Jobs Willow has after Graduation?

a) 16
b) 9
c) 9
d) 10
e) 12
f) 5
g) 0
That's the answers I found scrawled down, but I don't know why in most reasons.

The apocalypses question was solved by the smart desoto_hia873. "Seven seasonal apocalyses got averted. There was also one in Doomed. I guess the non-Xander storyline in The Zeppo might count (the Hellmouth did open). I'll go with nine."

She also did the doubles/alternatives question, which I actually answered as I did have the answer sheet then. "Vamp!Willow, Xander's twin, Soldier!Xander, Ghost!Willow, Victorian!Buffy, Hyena!Xander, Vampire!Buffy, Demon!Giles, Buffybot and Rat!Buffy."

The also very helpful speakr2customrs worked out Buffy's jobs after Graduation. "She worked at the Magic Box for one interminable day, she worked at Xander's building site for a couple of disastrous hours, she worked at DoubleMeat Palace, and as a School Counsellor. So, if 4 isn't the answer, her brief stint with the Initiative must count as a job, making 5."

And of course, Willow had NO jobs after Graducation, leading me to conclude that Mum and Dad were giving her a very generous allowance. Either that, or she sold the family home and went to live at the Summers residence. ;)

Any help will be very gratefully received.

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