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User Icon Drabbles - sixth time round

This one is for mynuet who gave me a really tough icon. *evil grin* I think this should cover it. As ever, the original icons can be found in the request thread here.

It is said the gods play games with mortals.

This is true. Just not quite as we mere mortals imagine it.

It all began with an argument between goddesses.

The Goddess of the Stately Dance had expressed a particular preference for one reality for the Magic Mirror to show. Unfortunately, Ivy, the Goddess of Distressed Small Animals, wished to observe her favourite mortals instead of those the Goddess of the Stately Dance had chosen.

With but one Magic Mirror, this minor disagreement escalated rapidly. It certainly did not help that the Goddess of the Stately Dance wished to observe a magic world, while Ivy wished to observe a purely mundane world.

The Goddess of the Stately Dance turned to her natural ally, The Queen Of Snarky Comments, but was taken aback to discover that she, in fact, had hoped to view images from yet another world, one where magic existed but was hidden.

The Goddess Yenal, passing by was dragged into the conversation, and expressed a liking for the mundane world, which led to her being saluted by Ivy. However, it soon became clear that they were both expressing a liking for different worlds, and the number of possibilities grew once more.

In desperation, they stopped the next passing Goddess, Mona Stonin. She favoured a world of persecuted mutants, and the assembled throng groaned once more. The discussion grew to an argument, and then to a screaming match. It was approaching crusade status, when a male voice interrupted them.

“Why not hold a challenge?” suggested Marcus, Lord of Things Yet To Come “If all of you think your particular mortals are the most interesting, then prove it! Pit them all against each other! Just take two of your favourites from each reality and drop them in the Arena.”

This idea was universally mocked until Marcus was driven away by their assembled scorn and laughter. Then, they all looked at each other, and shamefully agreed that in the absence of all other ideas, they’d do it.

The Goddess of the Stately Dance chose her favourite pair of star-crossed lovers: Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley, wizards at Hogwarts.

Ivy, the Goddess of Distressed Small Animals, chose her two favourite spys: Eric Weiss and Nadia Santos. Even though she knew she should have picked Sydney and Vaugh. Or Jack. Jack would have been good.

The Queen Of Snarky Comments chose her two favourite Scoobies, hoping for a little sexual tension to be thrown into the mix : the dark Slayer Faith Lehane and Watcher Rupert Giles.

The Goddess Yenal chose the mortals Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson, carefully forgetting to mention their off-world experiences and equipment.

The last Goddess, Mona Stonin chose her two favourite mutants: the unstoppable beserker Wolverine and the energy projecting Cyclops.

With a flash of light and a loud thunderclap, all the chosen pairs disappeared from their worlds and found themselves in the Arena. The Arena of course being 12 miles long on each of it’s five sides, and composed of various types of terrain and traps.

The Goddesses all sat back on their respective couches and watched the Magic Mirror with great interest. Now, this was something they could all agree on.


Please don't kill me.

Apologies go to mynuet,empressvesica,sweetjane_69,laney_1974,lisaroquin and ffutures.
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